Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is “nocturnal newborn care”?
Nocturnal newborn care is overnight care for your newborn. Night Owl Nurses (non-medical newborn specialists) ease the transition of bringing home your newborn(s). They assist in establishing healthy sleep practices, and creating a nighttime feeding routine and schedule. Nocturnal newborn care allows parents an opportunity to rest and re-charge at night knowing their baby is well cared for.

How do Night Owl Nurses help breastfeeding mothers overnight?
Whether you’re breastfeeding on-demand or following an established feeding schedule, Night Owl Nurses will bring baby to you during the overnight hours. After, she will burp, change diaper, swaddle, and soothe your bundle of joy. You can resume sleeping having never left your bed!

When my baby is sleeping peacefully, are Night Owl Nurses permitted to sleep?
Yes, but with a “mother’s ear”. If your baby should wake, or if you should need assistance, Night Owl Nurses will respond without delay. We are there to relieve you and provide overnight care.

What do I need to provide for my Night Owl Nurse so she can rest comfortably?
A pillow and blanket at minimum, but a couch or bed are appreciated as well. A private room is not necessary (but always a bonus). If your Night Owl Nurse is not staying in the room with your baby, a monitor will need to be provided for her. Food and beverage are not required.

Do Night Owl Nurses have experience with twins or triplets?
Yes, most definitely! Each Night Owl Nurse has unique strengths and a range of experience including multiples, preemies, and/or mild medical issues.

How long should I reserve Night Owl Nurses?
It’s up to the individual family. To achieve the full benefit of our care, we recommend you reserve for a minimum of two weeks, and up to twelve weeks or longer, depending on your needs. Families with preemies and multiples may need overnight care for a longer stretch. Night Owl Nurses will discuss your personal newborn care and evaluate your overnight needs.

Can I meet my Night Owl Nurse in person before the baby arrives?
Absolutely! We encourage families to meet in person with their prospective Night Owl Nurse. We want a mutually harmonious relationship – after all, we are taking care of your most precious gift.

Will I have the same Night Owl Nurse every night?
That is the goal whenever possible. Last minute overnight coverage and clients desiring seven nights per week of coverage, generally have two Night Owls that split the overnights.  All Night Owl Nurses will provide overnight care for your newborn in a consistent manner from night to night.

How do I begin the process of hiring Night Owl Nurses?
Give us a call, or send us an email, and we’ll chat about your expanding family, and your overnight needs. Your overnight newborn care can be customized to your unique family. No contract, registration application, or placement fee is required when retaining Night Owl Nurses services.

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