We are proud to have helped many parents and we look forward to working with you.

“Rebecca is incredible. She started with us our first night home from the hospital and immediately gave us helpful tips & advice. Most helpful was her encouragement towards breastfeeding as well as her guidance around feeding and sleeping schedules. She was instrumental in getting our baby on a schedule and sleeping through the night. We jokingly refer to her as the “baby whisperer” – nothing rattles her. She is always so incredibly calm & caring. Rebecca is a very efffective communicator. She was able to explain things to us in a way we could understand and implement on our own. As a result, she has become a trusted resource for us and in many cases who we turn to first when we have questions. Many people are good at what they do, some are great, few are exceptional, and we genuinely feel Rebecca is exceptional.”

Jeff & Jade (singleton)
Boston, MA


“After our twins were born, my husband and I were busier and more exhausted than we could ever have imagined we’d be. After my husband went back to work, we wanted some relief during the night so that both of us would function better as parents and regular people during the day. We thought overnight newborn care was an unnecessary luxury. We still think it’s a luxury, but we are grateful to have had Rebecca’s help. Rebecca is incredibly professional. She always arrives on time and ready to work. She keeps very careful track of babies’ sleep, eating, and general mood. When she leaves, she tidies up after herself. I never felt like I had to prepare the house for her in any way. We worried that it would feel odd having an extra body in our home at night. After a couple of nights of having Rebecca in our home, those worries vanished. She was pleasant with us but also respectful of our space, letting us end the night without feeling like we had to take care of her or watch over her. Rebecca is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.”

Cecily & Nick (twins)
Cambridge, MA


“My husband and I met Rebecca when we were expecting triplets and looking for overnight help for the first three months. We developed such a trust and love for her that we used her services exclusively for the first five years of our children’s lives. We have since recommended her to many friends and acquaintances without hesitation. She is trustworthy, reliable, and a pleasure to have as a part of our lives. Rebecca has a natural ease and calmness around babies that is reassuring to both baby and parent. She remains in total control in chaos. She also has great organizational skills, which help her to prioritize the demands of multiple babies. When there is a lull, she often looks for other ways to help the family. We recommend Rebecca’s services to anyone seeking help managing a growing household.”

Nancy & Mike (triplets)
Hingham, MA


“Rebecca started helping us a week after our twins were born until they were 5 months old and then two years later with our singleton. She is a lifesaver! Not only is she trustworthy and very dependable but also she honored our wishes for how we wanted our babies cared for while we slept. I was a bit hesitant at first not knowing what to expect but was quickly at ease when I saw how attentive and wonderful she was with all our children. She offered sound advice for sleep training without being overly opinionated. Not only did she take care of our babies but also she took care of the little things around the house (e.g. bottle washing, nursery clean up, etc.), which makes a big difference when you’re short on time. I can’t say enough about our experience with Rebecca. We love her and we are so thankful we could enjoy our first few months with our family rather than just survive them!”

Liana & Ethan (twins & singleton)
Cohasset, MA


“Our daughter was born the end of May, and Rebecca started working with us when she was a week old. She came three times a week for about three months, and we wholeheartly recommend her. To be honest we were skeptical about the whole idea of having a night nurse; it felt like an unnecessary luxury, and we didn’t understand how we would even benefit since I was breastfeeding. A friend recommended Rebecca, though, and we decided to give it a go to make the insane newborn days easier. She totally calmed our baby and us – we credit Rebecca for the fact that we have an amazing sleeper now, who can go to bed on her own (without being nursed to sleep or rocked for hours). Rebecca was extremely professional, respectful and easy to have in our home. She was also great with our dog. It’s a vulnerable, funny time, and I would absolutely hire her again to help us through it.”

Sari & Holly (singleton)
Cambridge, MA


“Rebecca began working with us when my son was two months old. I developed preeclampsia at the end of my pregnancy so my son was born three weeks early. In addition, to being small, he also had bad reflux, gas and for the majority of the night day and night, he cried. Rebecca was reliable and extremely comforting as I navigated the overwhelming first few months as a new mom. Rebecca was a true professional and came to me with a wealth of knowledge about newborns, sleep schedules and newborn care. She never seemed overwhelmed after LONG nights with my son and always enthusiastically entered our home ready to care for my son. Rebecca quickly had my son on a feeding and sleeping routine. Rebecca helped our family in so many ways it is hard to put it into words. She helped me during a difficult transition into motherhood, with a very tricky baby. Having her support and advice was priceless, and for that I will be forever grateful. I consider anyone who has the opportunity to work with Rebecca, lucky. She comes with a wealth of knowledge, she is reliable and will work with your family to do whatever she can to support you.”

Jane & Billy (singleton)
Boston, MA


“After giving birth to our first baby, my husband and I had no clue how to care for a newborn. Rebecca was eager to help in any way possible, truly a lifesaver. She helped establish a breastfeeding schedule and her sleep coaching was invaluable. I was most impressed by her attentive nurturing care; I felt 100% at ease with her support and guidance. Rebecca has a natural ability that radiates. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Todd & Anne (singleton)
Weymouth, MA


“Rebecca was our baby nurse for over two months. As first time parents, we were learning as we went in terms of caring for a newborn. Rebecca got our baby on a feeding and sleeping schedule. She is amazing with babies and we felt completely comfortable going to sleep and leaving her with our baby overnight. She is extremely responsible and reliable. Rebecca is the SWADDLE MASTER and we will have her back with our second baby. We highly recommend her. She is worth every CENT!!!”

Kerry & Matt (singleton)
Hingham, MA


“The best gift we received for the birth of our second baby was overnight care from Rebecca. With a 16-month at home, we knew we needed some help (and sleep) this time around. Rebecca was extremely informative and flexible based on what worked best for our family and me. We immediately felt at ease and comfortable with her in our home caring for our baby while we snuck in a few additional hours of much needed sleep.”

Kate & Shawn (singleton)
Boston, MA


“My wife and I felt awkward handing our newborn twins over to a complete stranger, but our feeling of fatigue overwhelmed our feeling of guilt. Soon, however, Rebecca wasn’t a stranger, she was a friend. Rebecca is everything you could hope for. She arrives on time, she’s professional, accommodating and respectful. Most important, she took tender, loving care of our twins. She kept track of sleep times, feedings and medicines. We had total confidence in her. Rebecca continued to helps us longer than we anticipated because we liked her (and our sleep) so much. We highly recommend her!”

Joey & Nicole (twins)
Westwood, MA


“At first, we went back and forth about having a night nanny.  We were not sure we needed one and it also seemed like such a luxury.  Rebecca eased all of our fears and is truly worth every penny.  She established a sleep schedule that helped our daughter get into an early routine and had her sleeping through the night in the first 2 months.  In addition, she was an excellent source of knowledge for us as first time parents.  We highly recommend Rebecca!

Julie & Mark (singleton)
Cohasset, MA