Congratulations and welcome to parenthood.

Transitioning into parenthood combined with sleep deprivation can be very overwhelming. We understand a good night’s sleep makes all the difference. Night Owl Nurses provide overnight newborn care so you can sleep soundly and wake rested. We offer guidance and support establishing healthy sleep practices and create a nighttime feeding routine. Whether this is your first bundle of joy, or fourth, Night Owl Nurses are honored to be part of your journey.

overnight care includes:

  • feeding, changing, & soothing  your newborn(s)
  • initiating & practicing heathly sleep habits
  • bottle preparation (breast milk & formula)
  • bottle/breastpump cleaning and sterilization
  • breastfeeding guidance & support
  • establishing feeding routine/schedule
  • maintaining feeding, changing, sleep journal

Overnight care can be customized to the unique needs of your newborn(s). Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your baby’s personal overnight care.